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Dear Steve:

I have been meaning to write this letter to you for the past few weeks now. I am so pleased with my fitness / training / performance progress over the past twelve to eighteen months that I needed to express my thanks and gratitude to you in writing!

As you know, in the spring of 2006 I came to you for advice...a runner who "jogged" off and on, maybe 9 to 12 miles a week at best. Nothing else. No past experience. I told you I was interested in doing a triathlon (not really knowing what that entailed) and had entered an event in Florida with a friend. The race was to be held in the first week of April and I had about three months to learn how to swim (much less to learn how to swim a mile), how to ride a "real" bike, and otherwise prepare so that I might complete this event without hurting myself!
Not only did you help me attain that initial goal (never once looking at me like I was crazy!), but to think that I have since completed 18 triathlons and more than 20 running races, including an Ironman and the NYC Marathon, is just remarkable! Steve, you have been nothing short of phenomenal - a true professional...a coach...a friend and confidant! I truly could not have done this without your guidance, your wealth of knowledge and experience, and your committed support!

Not only did I "fall in love" with a new sport and attain goals I would never have imagined back in the spring of 2006, but I also discovered a new lifestyle. You have taught me how to physically train, to mentally prepare, how to incorporate nutritional knowledge into my life, my training and my racing. You have taught me the importance of discipline and determination of positive thinking, of preparation and patience all while always focusing on having fun and maintaining proper perspective.

I am blessed to have found you and I cannot begin to thank you enough! I look forward to 2008, more Ironman races, more Marathons ... and on to Kona!

Your dedicated student and true friend,

After being a competitive swimmer for nine years, I thought I knew how to challenge and tone my body. Although I was no longer swimming, I did cardio workouts at least four times a week and could easily complete the Cybex circuit without being sore the following morning. However, my muscles were no longer as strong as they had been and I had slowly been gaining weight despite my calorie-burning sessions. My dad, an avid spin instructor, realized I needed someone to not only show me a new and effective workout plan, but who would also push and challenge my body's potential.
When I was introduced to Steve Caruth, I told him I wanted to be incredibly sore the next morning because I was determined to have a "perfect lean body." Steve granted both of my wishes. In each session, he led me through a series of exercises that worked my entire body, as well as the specific areas I needed the most help on.
He was always encouraging and supportive, and working out with Steve became the highlight of my day. Steve was never worried about running over time and would stay an extra few minutes to finish and stretch my muscles out. Whenever I would run into him at the gym, he would go out of his way to check my lifting form, give me some new pointers or genuinely praise me for working so hard.
Because of Steve's encouraging personality and his determination to formulate a workout plan to suit my individual body type, I was able to achieve my fitness goals. I finally have a great strength training and cardio routine, and am in even better shape now than I was as a competitive swimmer. I have never felt so proud about my body and could have never done it without Steve.
Steve is not just an amazing trainer, but an amazing person who will do anything to make his client happy.

Thank you so much Steve for everything you have done for me. You are the best!

Dear Steve,

So I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with training for the marathon. I ran a 3:54 today and felt great doing it (accomplishing my goal of running sub 9 minutes/miles and sub 4 hours). I definitely felt good and oculd have gone faster but I just got to really enjoy it. Just wanted to thank you for all of your suggestions and helpful info, about long runs, carbo laoding and basically everything. I'm sure I wouldn't have had nearly as good of an experience if you hadn't helped me out.

Thanks a lot,