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S.C. Multi-Sport Coaching

Training for tomorrow's challenges

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 Personal Training

The training program starts with a fitness assessment . At the fitness assessment I measure your fitness level, cardiovascular fitness, weight vs. body fat, balance and flexibility. We review your weight and fitness goals and develop a unique training program that is both safe and time efficient to meet your goals. Programs can be designed for the beginner starting out who wants to get a safe and efficient workout, the competitive athlete looking for more advanced training techniques, or the post-rehab patient not ready to train on his or her own.


Initial Consultation      $ 80

One-on-One training  straring at   $ 75


 Single & Multi-Sport Coaching

The training program designed for you will be unique, taking into account your athletic background, current fitness level and time constraints. It will follow a periodized approach, taking you through several distinct training phases that will get you to your races well-rested and in peak physical condition. By following a structured training program that combines the optimum balance of training volume, intensity and frequency with regularly-scheduled recovery time, you will not only race faster, but also significantly reduce your risk of injury and overtraining.

                       Multi-Sport Program

                                            Initial Consultation      $ 150

                           MONTHLY Fee starting at      $ 200

                       Single Sport Program

Initial Consultation       $ 75 

     MONTHLY Fee starting at       $ 75