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S.C. Multi-Sport Coaching

Training for tomorrow's challenges

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 Adventure Travel Preparation

If you are not sure how to prepare for your adventure, an adventure travel program can be as simple as setting you up with a training program to get you ready. Or as detailed as taking the training outside with a variety of scheduled hikes to get you ready for your adventure.
Other important basics:
  • how to read a map
  • use GPS
  • proper nutrition & hydration
  • purchasing the right gear for your adventure

Fee:  Based on your specific needs

One-on-One Cycling Skills Clinic (2 hours)

We will start with checking your bike fit then take a ride together to work on improving your hill climbing skills, how you go through turns, and other skills that will made you a better cyclist. Bring a friend and split the cost!
Fee:  $ 100

One-on-One Snow Shoe Clinic (1-1/2 hours)

Always wanted to try snow shoeing? We meet at a local trail, I supply the snowshoes and teach you the basics while enjoying the outside. Bring a friend and split the cost! 
Fee:  $ 100