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S.C. Multi-Sport Coaching

Training for tomorrow's challenges

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About Steve

Steve Caruth

I am an IDEA Elite Level Personal Fitness Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise with over 12 years experience, and a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and USA Cycling Certified Coach.

In addition, I also hold the following certifications:
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant certified by the American Council on Exercise
  • Post-Rehab Conditioning Specialist certified by the American Academy of Health & Fitness Professionals
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor certified by both Johnny GTM and Schwinn.
In 2005 I added coaching multi-sport athletes to my personal training business.

Since it is my belief never to ask a client to attempt an activity that I have not done myself, I expanded my passion for cycling to include running and swimming. As a cyclist for over 15 years, it was important to make this transition and follow through on my philosophy. As a result, I am now challenging myself in triathlons, half marathons, and 5 & 10 K races.

My background enables me to train adults and athletes of all ages to meet their fitness requirements and prepare them for the challenges ahead.