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S.C. Multi-Sport Coaching

Training for tomorrow's challenges

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Personal Training


I believe that personal training is unique to each individual. A training program is based on the individual's goals, physical condition & restrictions. The training program is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.


Multi-Sport Coaching


I believe a strong aerobic base is needed to perform well in multi-sport events. Therefore, during the base/prep phase of training the workouts are designed specifically to develop the aerobic energy system and sport-specific skills. I use heart rate zone training and interval training to assist in achieving your aerobic goals. I consider strength training and balance training to be important phases in any training program. I feel strength training and balance training will improve the athlete's ability to out-perform an athlete of equal aerobic capacity. The athletes that I coach will find that while their program is demanding, it also will be flexible and fun.